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The basic principles of project management include planning, organizing, securing, controlling, leading and managing resources and tasks to achieve specific business goals. Project managers determine strategies to kick off the project, evaluate and understand the project requirements, analyze and bring the required professionals on board, and monitor the progress of the work. In addition to keen organizational skills, project managers should also be effective problem solvers, have above-average math skills and be clear communicators. For those who enjoy varied responsibilities, project management career may be a good match. The knowledge and skills from your learning, including:

  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Effective management throughout each project stage
  • Enhance communication
  • Leadership skills and stakeholder management
  • Documentation and records
  • Effective resource management
  • Mastering information systems
  • Managing changes and project risk
  • Widely applicable tools and techniques

Why study project management?

It is a growing industry

Employers are actively looking to fill many project management positions, especially since it’s a growing industry. Many fields need highly skilled project managers, including: engineering and construction, healthcare, financial services, law, and technology.

Highly regarded all around the world

Project management qualifications are highly regarded all around the world because they provide a versatile range of skills for managing change and achieving project goals in any industry or business.

More career options

A project management degree is very versatile because all businesses and organizations need skilled leaders who can solve problems, successfully manage workflow, and delegate where appropriate.

You can move within industries

A high salary is an attractive part of working in project management, but perhaps the most rewarding feature of working in this specialty is the ability to move upward or change positions within a multitude of different industries. A project manager can develop skills in managing one type of project that are transferable to other types of projects.


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