Why Study Project Management?

1. It is a growing industry

Employers are actively looking to fill many project management positions, especially since it’s a growing industry. Many fields need highly skilled project managers, including: engineering and construction, healthcare, financial services, law, and technology. “Every job requires the ability to turn ideas into reality. With the constant demand for businesses to become smarter and more efficient, the skills you learn in any project management course will become more and more valuable to employers,” reports Torrens University Australia. If you can prove your worth in project management, you will be a valuable asset to any team and employers will be happy to hire you.

2. Highly regarded all around the world

Project management qualifications are highly valued because they provide graduates with a common language and framework for describing businesses and project resources. Having a common language provides numerous benefits that include better definitions for communicating best practice, enhanced communication with stakeholders and team members, and clearer records that support project tracking and management.

3. Many career options

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion,” said Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. A project management degree is very versatile because all businesses and organizations need skilled leaders who can solve problems, successfully manage workflow, and delegate where appropriate. Project management involves setting project goals, establishing tasks and a timeline for completion by assigned parties, evaluating progress and making adjustments as needed to ensure that clients, internal or external, achieve their desired results. With all of this being said, you will find that you can apply these skills to almost any career option or path you want to pursue.

4. You can move within industries

A high salary is an attractive part of working in project management, but perhaps the most rewarding feature of working in this specialty is the ability to move upward or change positions within a multitude of different industries. A project manager can develop skills in managing one type of project that are transferable to other types of projects. “The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority,” says Kenneth Blanchard, a leadership and management author. Upward mobility still exists in many fields and that is often achieved by wielding your skills and influence effectively.


The importance of effective project managers

As more and more of our everyday work becomes project-based, it follows that more and more people are finding themselves in the business of managing projects — even if they’re not traditional project managers.

And with the importance of project management only growing, the project manager skillset has never been more crucial.

Project managers are the unsung heroes. They’re the people who make sure all your planning actually goes, well, according to plan. They’re the ones who can steer things back on track when the unexpected happens. The people who can bring multiple teams, departments and stakeholders together to ensure your project’s success.

Nowadays, there are lots of paths to becoming an effective project manager. People can go the traditional route with a project management qualification like PMP or PRINCE2, or they can opt to build their project manager resume by getting hands-on experience managing projects.

Whether you have traditional project managers to fill the PM role or team members who step up for each project, one thing is clear: effective project managers make all the difference.

Project managers often have a reputation as “the people who herd cats”. But they’re so much more than that (and if they’re into a little cat-herding on the side, that’s their own business).

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