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BBI Student FAQ:

July 2021

Dear Students,

During the Covid-19 epidemic, our college is closely monitoring the changes and will keep you updated for any possible changes. Here are some frequently asked questions in recent days, you may find answers below. Please be advised the answers are based on current circumstances and may be changed at any time due to the uncertainty of the situation. Rest assured we’ll support you at all times where we can.

What about my attendance during online study?

You are expected to attend classes regularly to maintain satisfactory course progress each term. if you are making satisfactory progress without attending scheduled classes then your course duration will be shortened to the minimum duration required given your existing skills and knowledge.

You may receive the Attendance Reminder/s if your attendance falls down to the unsatisfactory category. Please find the below information to help you to understand how attendance recording works:

The minimum attendance requirement is 20 hours per week.

You must log in to your current subject that you are studying based on your Study Plan to receive the correct attendance.

Your attendance is recorded weekly as per the total hours you actively attend/participate in the online lecture and support classes through the eLearning platform each week.

Each time you log in eLearning, your attendance will be recorded. However, the system will automatically log you out if no active participation for more than 20 mins and your attendance would not be tracked.

I am a new student, what should I do?

We have sent the orientation invitation with guidance to your email if you have provided your email to us earlier. Please consult your education agent if you haven’t received the invitation. Or please send an email to our admin team at and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.

How can I get a student card?

Please apply a student ID at reception with a fee of $5.00. Your student ID will be ready to pick up in 10 working days. Please be advised student card pickup is not available if campus is closed due to lockdown restrictions by the government.

Can I still attend the campus?

As of Thursday 24th June 2021, our campus is temporarily close to meet NSW government lockdown restriction requirement. Unfortunately, on campus service is not available during this time. We will keep you updated for any changes.

Can I defer/Suspend my study?

Following the advice from Australian Government authorities, we will deliver online study for all our enrolled students at this stage so there is minimal need for deferments. The standard deferment/suspension policy stated in the student handbook applies for a deferment request. We’ll keep you notified for in case of any possible changes.

What should I do now?

Our college is under operation to offer support through online and telephone to all our students. Due to the rapidly changing circumstance of COVID19 in Australia, we will keep you informed via Email of any changes. Please make sure you provided us correct contact details and update your contact details if there has been a recent change.

From time to time, please refer to Department of Health for advices and latest updates at

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Our friendly staff members are always here to support you.

For enrolment and course information, please contact our friendly marketing team:






English, Spanish


Julia YUAN

English, Mandarin



English, Thai



English, Korean


For admissions, student service and course variations, please contact our supportive Admin team:


Mobile: 0450 776 888

For payment related enquiries, please contact our friendly Finance team:

For computer login, printer related enquiries, please contact our IT department at

What if I do not have a computer? How can I do my assessment and study on my mobile phone or tablet? Are any special programs required?

You’ll need to have a computer to access online study. Limited resources can be accessed through mobile phone or tablet. Some courses may require special software to be installed, please consult your trainer for details.

How can I fill up the forms and sign when I do not have any printer?

Most of our forms are Interactive so you can easily type in the form. For signature, please type your name in the signature section and send the completed form from your registered email to us.

How to submit my assessment? And where to check my assessment result?

From April 2020, our college started implementing online assessment submission through e-Learning. You could find the assessment submission guide in the orientation kit and e-learning platform or please consult your trainer for details. You may also check with our student service staff in person, with phone calls or through email to It is a reminder that all assessments must be submitted before the eCOE finish date of your current course, we will not accept any late submission.

You’ll receive notification from e-Learning when the assessment result is available. The final assessment result will also be available in your student e-portal. You can also send an email to check your assessment results after 2 weeks of the assessment due date.

It is a reminder that students must maintain satisfactory financial status at all time. Reassessment policy may apply under all circumstances.

What should I include when submitting my assessment?

Please make sure you read and fully understand the assessment requirements stated in the eLearning notice. Consult your trainer if there is any confusion before you submit the assessment. Normally you will need to attach Unit Cover Sheet, Completed Assessment with the List of Reference. Failure of attaching the required document/s may result noncompetency of your assessment.

How many attempts I have to submit the assessment? Where can I find the reassessment policy?

Refer to APPENDIX 8: RE-ASSESSMENT POLICY in student handbook:

How can I pay my tuition fee?

We prefer online transfer or credit card/bank card payment.

For online transfer, please put your full name and student ID as reference.

For Credit/Bank card payment, please complete the below credit card payment form and send it to for the payment process.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept Cash payment at this stage. However, you can go to back to deposit the fund to our accounts below:

 Bank name:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account name:

Berkeley Business Institute


062 037

Account number:

1024 9628




Your name & Student number

I am having difficulty making tuition payments for next term.

It’s student’s responsibility to remain satisfactory financial status at all times. We understand it is a difficult time for some of our students and we’ll support you where we can. Please consult our friendly finance staff at for any extraordinary arrangements. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please provide any supporting documentation that may assist your case.

When and How can I apply for a certificate?

If you have met all of the course assessments requirements, you may submit the Document Request Form (Link: after your Course completion (please refer to your CoE or LoO for the course finish date). The certificate will be issued within 10 working days. Kindly note any outstanding fee (e.g. Material fee) must be paid before issuance of your certificate. For more information about your financial status, please contact

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