Student Interview – Meet Daiane dos Santos

The process of living overseas involves lots of steps, and it requires students to take important decisions. Choosing the right course, the destination and the college are just a few of them.
Hearing the experience of other people that have been through the same thing can be quite helpful to answer most of the questions that students might have in their minds.
We prepared a Q&A session with one of our students, and she told us the main things that made her choose Australia, Project Management and Berkeley Business Institute.

Take a look at what she said:

What is your name and where are you from?

My Name is Daiane Neves do Santos and I come from Salvador/Brazil.

Why did you come to Australia?

I always wanted to live abroad and I worked for a travel agency for almost two years in Brazil. I used to help our customers to plan their trips to Australia, Canada and the United States. Being in contact with this subject every day sparked my interest to try new things and explore the world. Initially, I went to Canada for 1 month, but when I came back to Brazil I thought I needed a longer overseas experience. I chose Australia to do that because of the climate and the chilled lifestyle.

What was your study pathway here?

I enrolled for a General English course for the first 4 months, and after a break of one month, I extended my student visa for a Diploma of Project Management.

Why did you choose to study Project Management?

Back home I have a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and a specialization in People Management. At first, I was not quite sure about what I wanted to study, but after checking out at many options, I realized that Project Management would be the most suitable course to develop my resume. Companies in Brazil pay a lot of attention to international diplomas and I am sure it will make a lot of difference to my professional life when I return to my country.

What do you think about Berkeley Business Institute?

I think the trainers here are quite demanding and this is really good to improve my skills. We have weekly assignment to complete and when I don’t know how to do them, I can always refer to my trainers and other staff for guidance.

My classmates are all from different parts of the world, and this is very good for me because it makes me practise my English skills when interacting with them.

I think overall the college met my expectations.

What do you think about our facilities?

I really like the campus structure, especially the fact that I don’t need to bring a laptop to class because all classes already have it. It’s easy to get here and everything here is very clean and new.

Do you intend to continue your studies at BBI?

Definitely. After finishing this diploma, I will start the Advanced Diploma of Program Management.


Name: Daiane dos Santos

Nationality: Brazilian

Age: 27 years old

Course of choice: Project Management

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01/05/2019 Student Experience
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